Fredericksburg VA

Birthday present to myself

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Wow… it has been a while since I started this blog but a lot has happened in the first few weeks of my 25th year of age that kept me away from blogging on both of my blogs. I’m really sorry, I’ll try to update more frequently from now on!

The biggest news is that I have enjoyed a three-week holiday in America. My friend, who lived in the same student hall in Scotland as I did, had invited me and it has been an amazing trip! I stayed with her and her family in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She took me to the 1862 battlefield which was decorated for Memorial Day and looked absolutely stunning.

Fredericksburg Battlefiled

My friend’s brother’s graduation present was a week long trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. That also meant that I  got to see an American graduation ceremony which is such a great thing compared to my own BA-graduation – I only picked up my paperwork from a university office. In DisneyWorld I noticed that I am too old for a lot of things – Quarter-life crisis already? – but at the same time it has been a great experience. It wasn’t as huge as I expected it to be – which was a good thing! – but big enough to walk around in a different park each day. I don’t think there’s anything comparable to DisneyWorld here in Europe – although I have never been to DisneyLand in Paris but I can only imagine that this one is a lot smaller. I have to admit that I was really scared before we went there but I have to say that I enjoyed every day we spent there in the end.

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade
Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse statue at Magic Kingdom

After our trip to Florida – which meant two 14-hour car drives – we did a day-trip to Washington DC and I have to say I am in love with the capital of the United States! It’s huge and the buildings as well as the sights and the landscape are so so pretty! While I didn’t have time to visit everything I wanted to see we walked around quite a bit and I saw the National Mall which hosts the Lincoln Memorial – impressive! -,  the White House, the Capitol and the National Archives. I will have to come back because I really, really want to see the National Gallery of Art which currently has a Mary Cassat and Edgar Degas exhibit on display until the 5th October 2014 – go see it if you happen to be there!

Lincoln Memorial – outside
Lincoln Memorial – inside

I did so much shopping everywhere we went that I was lucky to have taken a second suitcase with me. I know – women and shopping, such a stereotype! I experienced so much in so little time that I still cannot believe that I’ve actually been to the US for the first time in my life. I really hope I have a chance to come back at some point but for now I have to save some money after all that shopping and focus on my PhD as well as work for a while!

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

As you can see my first few weeks as a 25 year-old haven’t been too bad and there are only a few signs of a Quarter-life crisis but we’ll see how it’ll be without amazing friends who enabled me to have the best vacation/birthday present ever! 😉