Month: July 2014

Life Update #1: Life without take-away coffee & a data plan – it is possible!

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It’s been over a month now that I’ve written the blog post on being a coffeeholic and I have to say my coffee-addiction has changed quite a bit. I haven’t bought one take-away coffee since publishing that post! Instead I’m silently judging the people who pass me with those little plastic cups of coffee every day at the train station on my way to work. Adding to that, I also haven’t taken a coffee with me to work or anywhere else I went. It turns out that life without coffee on the go is possible – who would have thought?! Instead I drink one (admittedly huge) cup of coffee every morning and the second one when I get to my workplace. I might not be saving the environment but I feel a lot better about not wasting as much paper and plastic as I’ve used to.

There has been another addiction in connection with commuting to work: my smart phone. I have had a data plan for three years which I cancelled this month (there are much cheaper ones available by now) but I haven’t yet gotten a new one because I’m waiting for the new iPhone to come out which will be (hopefully) in September. I don’t yet own a lot of Apple products, I only have a 2nd generation iPod (it turns 8 years old in November and is still working perfectly *knocks on wood*), but having an iPhone has its advantages – especially if you have lots of American friends who all have iPhones and/or iPads. I’m not sure if I can afford the newest one but even buying a 5S right now seems silly as they are probably a lot cheaper when the new generation comes out.

WiFi only – for now at least…

This gives me about 3 to 4 months without having a data plan and I have to say it was horrible during the first week! While I would still prefer having a data plan, I now seem to only send messages when they’re really important. Like the other day when I finally got offered a job interview after sending out tons of applications – I sent an international text message to my best friend as I wanted her to know about it immediately because she has been so supportive whenever I complained about my job hunt. Before, I used to spam my friends just because I could. Now that I had to stop doing it, me spamming less might save a lot of my friendships. I hope my internet addiction (especially to facebook and whatsapp) will get a bit less intensive so that I will not start all over again once I have a new data plan…

Enjoy your take-away coffee (hopefully in a tumbler) while you read this post on your smart phone! 🙂


Outfit of the Day (OOTD): My sister’s birthday

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Happy birthday to my sister! And happy birthday to Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! (Yes I’m a royalty fan – bear with me!)

I remember one year ago, it was a happy distraction from writing my MSc dissertation to watch the live coverage of the Royal Baby’s birth – and I did live in Scotland at the time so it was a huge thing for everyone around! However, Prince George’s birth (not so much my sister’s birthday as I’ve gotten used to that one 😉 ) makes me realise how fast one year goes by!

But enough of my Quarter-life crisis-problems (for today)! I’ve seen a few other bloggers do OOTD-posts and (after I found out what that means) I decided my sister’s birthday is a great opportunity to do one of these posts myself. So here’s my outfit for my sister’s birthday tea party:

My tea party outfit

I decided to wear a black Old Navy dress which I bought on my huge American shopping spree (don’t judge!) with my L.K. Bennett Maddox wedges (the updated version of the Greta wedge Kate Middleton wore before and after her wedding), a matching Giorgio Fin clutch which I bought years ago for my high school graduation ball (but didn’t wear then) and 2$ icing-sunglasses also bought in America. I added my butterfly watch, the wishbone bracelet (a birthday present from my best friend), the SIX-ring along with my small Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul earrings (a Christmas present from my sister) which are the things I wear almost daily. The silver bangle and the other ring I got from my mother for Christmas (I know – that was a jewellery-loaded Christmas last year but I don’t complain).


Admittedly, I got obsessed with L.K. Bennett after I saw Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wear several pieces by this British brand and ever since I cannot stop admiring their stuff. I already have three pairs of Court Shoes and two clutches by them and I fear there will be more… However, since L.K. Bennett is a luxury brand, the Maddox wedge is the only thing I bought which was not on sale (I just love the style and my mother had a similar pair of shoes when she was young so I think it was genetically determined). They do have sales going on frequently so it’s well worth checking their site regularly. I’m sorry if I got anyone addicted to their stuff too, that was not my goal. I just like to share my obsessions so I would love to hear from equally obsessed people to know that I’m not alone!

Happy celebrations everyone! 😀


The end of Strawberry Summer

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Here we are again, for me the best time of the year is over: strawberry summer! It has been wonderful to buy fresh strawberries from local farmers on every street corner for at least six weeks straight. I’m quite obsessed with strawberries, I love the smell, the taste and the looks of them. Additionally, strawberries contain lots of vitamin C and manganese along with several other vitamins and dietary minerals which makes them the perfect summer fruit for me.

Which is why my mum and I decided to celebrate the season’s end with going to a local farmer where there’s a strawberry café throughout the strawberry season. We bought the final strawberries of this summer (I know there are still some around here and there but in my area they have already been replaced by cherries) and enjoy some delicious treats.

Strawberry cake, sparkling strawberry wine, strawberry waffles and strawberry milk – delicious!

Since there won’t be any fresh local strawberries until next year, I did buy lots of strawberry-things recently to help me get through the rest of summer. It is helpful that strawberries – in some form or another – are still everywhere. Firstly, I went to a gardening store where they sold a bucket with a strawberry print – on sale for 1,99€! I couldn’t resist even though I don’t really need it but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it sooner or later and until then it’ll just look cute. 😉 Secondly, I went grocery shopping and I found a sparkling strawberry wine that I also couldn’t resist buying. I had that one before so I know it tastes really good – much sweeter than the one from the local farmer though. Thirdly, I went to a drugstore where I picked up a shower cream called ‘iced strawberry dream’ – how could I say no? It’s by treaclemoon – an English brand now also available in Germany and since recently in Austria as well – and they offer a variety of odours: lemonade, ginger, raspberry and coconut and the best thing about them is that they’re vegan! I’m in love already!

All things strawberry!

The eos lip balm in strawberry sorbet pictured above is from my trip to America in May. I got obsessed with eos lip balms and bought all available colours as presents and for myself to enjoy. I keep one in my car (mint), one in my handbag (summer berries), got my sister one as a souvenir (strawberry sorbet) and will give her another one for her birthday (lemon drop) which still leaves me with blueberry acaí and honeysuckle honeydew. They are 95% organic and 100% natural, paraben and petrolatum free and packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil it says on the packaging. Adding another obsession to a very long list of ones I already have (e.g. coffee).

I hope everyone is enjoying summer even though the weather here in Germany is really bad at the moment. All the more reason to stock up on summery things methinks! But right now it’s time for football/soccer. Good luck Germany!!! 🙂

Germany solar light 🙂